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Welcome to Pacific Charters Sport Fishing. Owned and operated by Capt. Shawn Stamback, we offer, private, day long, Morro Bay fishing charters. Located on central California’s Pacific coast, Morro Bay serves as a beautiful backdrop for a great day of fishing that’s suitable for both the hardcore experienced angler looking to take home a cooler full of fish, to the tourist family looking for a unique outdoor experience that the entire family can enjoy.

Private Charters

Nice catch with Morro Bay fishing charter captain, Shawn Stamback

Unlike other larger boats offering fishing trips in Morro Bay, we only offer small private charters. When you fish Pacific Charters Sport Fishing, you'll be fishing with only your friends and family, and you'll have Capt. Shawn's full attention throughout your daylong fishing adventure. You need no fishing experince whatsoever. Capt. Shawn will provide you with some simple tips, and you will be hauling them in all day. We encourage you to bring your kids. They'll get special attention to make sure they don't feel left out, and each person will get help landing their fish if needed or desired.

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Your Boat, Your Captain

Fish caught on guided fishing trip with Pacific Charters, based in Morro Bay

One of the great things of being on a private charter is that the boat, and Capt. Shawn, are yours for the day. Need to take a break to let your arms rest? Want to get closer to passing whales or a pod of passing dolphin? No problem, we can take can take a break from the fishing, and do some whale or dolphin watching. It's not uncommon to see 400 lb sunfish swimming at the surface, Sealions swimming about, and lots of Seaotters, which can be found in abundance in Morro Bay. How close can you get to a whale, check out our whales almost eat divers video filmed right from the back of our boat.

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  • Fishing report

    Fish report for Morro bay Located between Santa Barbara and Monterey California.


    The Last few weeks have proven to be the beginning of a great lingcod season. We have landed several Large lingcod one reaching 21 pounds. Most common size of the larger lingcod are around 12-13 pounds. Live bait is a must for the larger fish and can be obtained on our trip out to fishing grounds. Swim baits do not work as well as live bait, since there is such a abundance in the water right now. The lingcod in my opinion has a very acute sense of smell. Put a little blood in the water and watch the "Magic" happen. Almost every large fish caught was not hooked but brought to the surface while holding the bait fish in its mouth. The lingcod has a instinct to bight and not let go. Use this to your advantage to gently tug the lingcod to the surface and have a person standing by with a net. Gaffing will prove to reckless in landing the fish.

    As far as rockfish swim baits are working well bringing up very large Boccaccio rockfish, Vermillion Rockfish, and Copper Rockfish. We have been getting all these species out deeper and have some good honey holes we hit. When they produce fish its just crazy to sit back and watch what is pulled up on the boat. Rock Cod Jigs or shrimp flies work very well also and most of the Rock fish we have been landing come up on these types of Rigs. My favorite shrimp fly is made by Pucci and also danielson shrimp flies. I like them because they are not super long. Makes it very nice to store and handle while you are fishing.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend fishing and we hope to see you out there!!

    Thanks again for reading up!!